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We are all our best selves when we are most ourselves. It’s my privilege as a Certified Jungian Life Coach to accompany those who are on a journey of self-discovery and becoming. Are you ready to start exploring? Schedule a free discovery session today!

The Lavender

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This intensive, 4-week program is meant to help you identify your greatest obstacle and give you the tools to work with rather than against the currents of your life.

$500 one-time payment

or 4 payments of $150

About the Lavender

The Lavender is designed for quick results. We will focus on one specific area of your life you want to improve or change. Virtual one-on-one sessions, personalized journaling prompts and exclusive meditations will make this an unforgettable, transformative experience.

what's included:

The Amethyst

Enjoy three months of exploring your deeper self, moving closer to your true purpose and creating the life you were meant to live.

$800 one-time payment

or 6 payments of $150

About the amethyst

The Amethyst offers the gift of getting to know your true self. Learn how to work with emotions, integrate neglected parts of your inner being and harness the power of opposites to move forward in your life.

what's included:

The Indigo

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This six-month program includes a deep dive into your unconscious, allowing you to integrate elements of your true self while moving closer to your center.

$1500 one-time payment

or 12 payments of $150

About the indigo

The Indigo is the ultimate exploration of your inner world. You will get to know yourself on an intimate level. This in-depth program includes dreamwork, active imagination and other techniques to open your mind and life to incredible new possibilities. 

what's included:

Common Questions

Initial discovery sessions are always free of charge! Sign up here for your risk-free session. 

We will explore your triggers, emotions, patterns and even dreams as we circumambulate your authentic self. Expect journaling assignments, visualizations and deep dives into your psyche. Because you are the expert on your own life, much of the wisdom you will uncover in this process will be within yourself. I can’t wait to help you dive in!

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