Approaching the Goddess Within

reclaim your feminine power,
reconstruct your spirituality,
and reveal your authentic Self

I help women who were raised in heavily patriarchal and misogynistic religious settings reclaim their power, rediscover their spirituality, and revitalize their lives. 

Whether you need a quick boost or want to go on a deep dive into your soul, there is a path here for you. 

Why Identity coaching?

The most important person you will ever meet is your Self. Your uniqueness is the gift you bring to the world, and my calling is to help you move closer to the wholeness that is you.

As an identity coach I believe you are the expert on your own life, and I am your support staff. I am here as a witness, a guide, and a cheerleader as you forge your own way to your authentic Self.

"There is no linear evolution [in psychological development]; there is only a circumambulation of the self."
Carl Jung

I have a vision

of a world whole and happy. Of space held and wisdom exchanged. A world where everyone operates from their authentic self, where emotions are honored as a source of information and power, and where we learn to listen to each other, to adapt with grace, and to love ourselves and others well. 

Available paths

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The Lavender

This intensive, 4-week program is meant to help you identify your greatest obstacle and give you the tools to overcome it.

The Amethyst

Three months of exploring your deeper self, moving closer to your true purpose and creating the life you were meant to live.

The indigo

This six-month program includes a deep dive into your unconscious, allowing you to integrate elements of your true self while moving closer to your center.

dimensions of my coaching

There are many paths to happiness and success. The methods I use incorporate elements of Jungian psychology, Eastern philosophies, and cutting-edge neuroscience. They leverage the power of emotions to help you integrate disparate pieces of your self and move closer to authentic wholeness. This allows you to live from a place of confidence and creativity where nothing is impossible. 

These methods are adaptable for different religious traditions. They do not rely on a specific belief system. 

Below are just a few of the techniques you can expect to encounter working with me.

Shadow Work

Shadow work comes from the Jungian psychological tradition. In this work you will seek to find and integrate the parts of yourself that have been set aside, ignored or repressed. This work can be intimidating and you may be afraid of finding out what is hiding deep inside you. The reward, however, is knowing yourself more intimately and being able to work with all your parts instead of only those society has deemed acceptable. The shadow may hold darkness but also harbors immeasurable light.

Emotional Integration

Most of our decisions and actions spring, not from logic, but from emotions. By learning to recognize, accept and integrate your emotions, you gain the ability to act from a place of consciousness and purpose instead of reacting blindly. You will work with all emotions, withholding judgments about good and bad.

Self Compassion

No one ever criticized themselves into being a better person, and you are no exception. You will learn to rewrite your internal self-talk, become your own best ally and cheerleader, and begin to experience the joy of having someone (yourself!) always on your side.

Goal Setting and Responsibility

If you have no destination, is it any surprise when you don’t reach it? You will learn to set SMART goals, take action, and create real change in your life one choice at a time. You will also learn how to take responsibility for your own life, reclaim your power from the world around you, and let go of the things that are not yours to carry.

What others say about The purple spiral

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"Rebecca is an extraordinary life coach who possesses an innate and remarkable talent. Her intuitive approach and profound understanding allowed me to unravel layers of self-doubt and reveal hidden aspects of my authentic self."
Mary W.
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Photo by Tom Morel on Unsplash
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